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Focused Partnership


The primary endpoint of any project iEthos undertake is to realise the development of a device that incorporates sound engineering principles with the latest materials utilised into a novel design thats innovative and makes a sustained medical impact over generations to come.


Being a British implant design consultancy rather than a manufacturing provider we would work alongside our business partner in the design and creation of IP to exploit the technology via our network of worldwide distributor contacts in the form of leasing the technology or the selling of the IP. We then look to continually monitored the market to ensure that all parties are aware of similar products or technological developments that could jeopardise the success of the project.

Adoption and revenue generation strategies are driven through a gradual roll-out with key opinion leader (KOL) surgeons at specific centres of excellence who will pioneer the programmes for demonstrating the safety and added value with the implant/device. 


Typically following the commercial release of our partners product, a phased global launch strategy will be implemented with initial targets including high margin/high volume markets such as UK, US, Japan, Australia. Potential partners to lease this technology would be chosen due to their independent ownership and global influence to manufacturer and supply innovative healthcare solutions.


Global marketing plans are typically implemented to include the following tactical plans:


  • Education and training plan for internal staff, key stakeholders and customers.

  • iEthos meetings and podium presentation plan to allow surgeon to surgeon training and education.

  • Post-market surveillance plan to provide strong clinical evidence in order to further strengthen the brand identity

  • Clinical studies plan to highlight key clinical studies required to consolidate brand evidence and marketing claims

  • Marketing communications plan including advertisements and promotions plan.


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